Toilet Installation and Repairs

Clogged/plugged-up and overflowing toilets, leaky toilet pumps, ‘runny’ toilets, we fix it all. Toilet repairs are the bread and butter of plumbing, and our plumbing professionals have the skills and training to make quick work of any toilet problem you might run into.

Tyco Plumbing Services provides full toilet repairs & installation. This covers creating new plumbing, as well as hooking up new toilets to existing plumbing. We can also design, build, and work with systems utilizing septic tanks, sump pumps, sewage disposal systems, and back flow prevention devices.

Fixture Installation

Bathtub and Shower Installation and Repairs

We can tackle those irritating little problems, such as a leaky faucet, as well as those bigger, even more irritating plumbing catastrophes like burst pipes and clogged drain pipes. Such problems as low water pressure or faulty water heaters would also fall under this category. Don’t let a little problem like hair in the drain get in the way of your daily enjoyment of life’s basic needs – call up Tyco Plumbing today and soak in your newly repaired shower or bath-tub tonight!

We provide full bathtub and shower drain installation and maintenance services. Contact us for more information.

Sink & Faucet Installation and Repairs

The bathroom sink drain runs the risk of being clogged quite often due to foreign materials like hair from shaving, toothpaste and other such congesting factors. One tip is to utilize a screen along with the drain plug to prevent foreign objects from entering into the drain. Another common problem is leaky faucets, which can be fixed or replaced by one of our professional plumbers in no time at all.

We can install or replace any type of sink or faucet and adapt it to an existing plumbing system, or create an entirely new system for the installation of a sink/faucet. We can also install aerators, drain plugs, and faucet knobs.

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